AUSTRIA AND GERMANY: Free Shipping for orders over €100 and free return shipping!

The customer will be informed of the shipping costs during checkout. Shipping costs for countries are approximately as listed below:

Argentina70 EUR
Australia70 EUR
Belgium12 EUR
Brazil70 EUR
Bulgaria13 EUR
China70 EUR
Denmark12 EUR
Germany7 EUR inkl. Rückversand
Estonia23 EUR
Finland19 EUR
France13 EUR
Greece29 EUR
Hong Kong60 EUR
Ireland23 EUR
Iceland29 EUR
Israel70 EUR
Italy13 EUR
Japan40 EUR
Canada55 EUR
Croatia13 EUR
Latvia23 EUR
Liechtenstein25 EUR
Lithuania23 EUR
Luxembourg12 EUR
Malta60 EUR
Mexico 55 EUR
Monaco13 EUR
Netherlands12 EUR
Norway22 EUR
Österreich7 EUR inkl. Rückversand
Poland12 EUR
Portugal23 EUR
Romania13 EUR
Sweden 19 EUR
Switzerland25 EUR
Singapore55 EUR
Slovakia12 EUR
Slovenia12 EUR
Spain23 EUR
South korea55 EUR
Thailand70 EUR
Czech Republic12 EUR
Ukraine30 EUR
Hungary12 EUR


Returns must be made within 14 days. Bunny Bogart will cover the return shipping costs for Austria Germany, as long as the return label is generated using the link provided. Shipping costs for returns outside of Austria and Germany must be paid by the customer. Any additional customs fees during You can request your return label (regarding our return policy and terms & conditions) with the following link: You can also find the link to request a return label for the free return of your order from Germany and Austria in the bottom section of your original shipping confirmation. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before you receive your return label by email. Please print out the label and place it clearly visible on the outside of the package. All returns from Austria are now handed over to Austrian Post. You can find post offices in your area HERE. All returns from Germany are now handed over to UPS. You can find UPS Access Points in your area HERE

The customer shall bear the costs for the return shipment of all orders outside Austria and Germany. Any customs charges for delivery and return from non-EU countries shall not be borne by BUNNY BOGART. For any additional questions regarding customs fees, please consult your local customs office.

Please use the original packaging when making a return. This request is not obligatory and will not impact the customers right to return.