Because I love you baby …

Mmmh … we can’t get enough of our smells! This delicate scent in combination with the fine textures make the premium care products from ALMA Babycare absolute mommy must-haves for daily care.

At Bunny Bogart we are always looking for labels with whom we share the same values and beliefs. Quality and clean, sustainable production always have top priority. After all, this is about our little ones!
With ALMA founder and mompreneur Isabel Zinnagl we have found our “spirit animal” in the care sector.

“The first experience after the birth is touch – physical closeness strengthens the bond between parent and child. Skin contact creates basic trust and prepares the way into life – that is why touch is so valuable. The ALMA care line for babies, children and parents ensures intimate and unforgettable moments. “

Just as we pay attention to natural materials when choosing clothes and skin compatibility and non-toxic materials are a matter of course, 100% natural ingredients without parabens, silicone and dyes are also a matter of course at ALMA. The ALMA products are therefore also certified by the Austria Bio Garantie seal, the highest seal for organic quality assurance in Austria. The small fragrance and texture wonders are made by hand in Vienna with a lot of love and care.

Test ALMA Babycare now with every Bunny Bogart order!
We are happy to be able to enclose a small ALMA Babycare sample with every Bunny Bogart package. So you can test the high-quality organic baby oil with your little darling!


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